Intuitive Marketing and Business Development for Business Breakthroughs 

Of all the websites in the world, you’ve picked to hang out on mine. How cool is that!

My name is Jennifer Rollins and I specialize in Intuitive Marketing, Business Development, and Digital Marketing Strategies for businesses that want to break through where they are now, all over the world. That’s quite the sentence, I know. Let’s get to the bottom of what that means.

I have over 25 years of experience in sales, business development, and digital marketing and there are some aspects of what I do that make me ridiculously happy and have amazing results for my clients.

Intuitive Business Development and Sales for Business Breakthroughs

Let’s work together to

  • Identify your business’ differentiators – the ones that really set you apart from your competitors and can be voiced clearly and easily to your prospects.
  • Bring the passion and love back to your business. As business owners, we can get to caught up in the day to day of our business and it can be hugely refreshing to bring our attention back to why we’re doing it. To light that spark again.
  • Put together compelling, interesting, and strong short and long pitches for all of your marketing content.
  • Identify your target market(s) in a detailed and smart way that will help your team with lead generation and content creation.
  • Get your pricing for products, services, and packages to a point where it feels damn good and you walk away from struggle.
  • Turn your website into a lead generation tool.
  • Put all of these juicy new pieces to use on your websites, social media, and digital and traditional marketing campaigns.

I use my years of experience plus the deep connection to my intuition, gut feelings, and ability to help business owners through any type of blocks around money, success and perceived failure. I’m able to move teams forward in an empowering and excited way.

Intuitive Marketing for Business Breakthroughs

When I work with a company as their Intuitive Marketing Expert, I make sure their business development and sales pieces are strong (see above section on Intuitive Business Development and Sales)  so we can lead prospects, brand ambassadors, clients, and your online community right to conversion points. It just makes sense.

Let’s work together to

  • Create digital campaigns that grab attention and convert into sales, emails, discovery sessions, phone call, online orders, speaking events, booking, resumes…whatever your goals are, I’ll know how to reach them.
  • Build out the guts of your website, content and back end (including search engine optimization – SEO) to bring the right types of visitors to your website.
  • Create social media strategies that really work based on the time your team can put in per day as well as tips and tricks used by experts. Heck, I’ll even train your team on how to implement it because I think it’s so fun.
  • Create and maintain your paid advertising like Facebook, Google Adwords (including YouTube), Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Oh man, this stuff is so cool to work with. You can find out almost immediately what works.
  • Adapt and try new things. This is the real key to digital marketing; you test to see what works (and what doesn’t work) and then change up your ads, content, and future campaigns with the data you have. I seriously love this aspect of my work and watching to see what wins out with clicks, form fills, etc. My excitement and passion in this area translates into money for you!

When I’m doing any type of digital marketing or business development work, I combine past client successes, industry best practices, knowledge of the market, competitor research, technical knowledge and my super cool intuition which tells me immediately if something is going to resonate with a market and identify different approaches to test my ideas out.

With me, you get more than just a marketing and business development expert, you also get my keen sixth sense. This unique combo has brought business breakthroughs and success to every client and business that I’ve worked with over the past 20 years.

I help business owners get shit done and boost their success. If it’s time for you to stop thinking small and really go after your dreams, reach out, let’s do this!

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